Your visit

1. Check In

You don’t want to waste your time waiting in a lobby if you’re feeling ill. Who does? Skip the long waits and be prepared so that you can wait time will be much shorter. Remember to bring your insurance card and photo ID with you. To save even more time, download our patient forms and complete them prior to arrival.

2. Medical Visit

When you arrive, we’ll make your experience as convenient and as efficient as possible. After checking in, a member of our staff will lead you to a private exam room to take your vital signs and learn more about the reason for your visit. He or she may begin diagnostic tests such as X-rays, blood tests or an EKG to prepare for the Medical Doctor. When the doctor comes in, he or she will examine you, listen to your concerns and discuss your results, diagnosis and treatment plan. While we are a medical facility, please be aware emergency patients may be slotted ahead of you in line in extreme circumstances.

3. Check Out

Our caring medical staff will review your treatment plan and results. When you are comfortable with the information the doctor has shared, you will be escorted back to the front desk to complete your visit. There you will receive aftercare instructions, any necessary prescriptions and a record of your visit. Your Doctor may indicate that you should be seen again within the next day or two to make sure your condition is improving.

4. Follow Up

We want you to be back on your feet in as little time as possible. So whether or not your condition requires follow up, our staff may call within a few days to see how you are feeling. Use the follow up call to ask questions about your recovery process. If any follow-up appointments or changes to the treatment plan are needed, the Doctor may ask you to come in for an additional checkup.

Keeping You Healthy is Our #1 Goal
We know that keeping you and your family healthy and happy is your number one priority. That’s why Glades Medical Centers are here to provide you with health alerts, treatment tips and useful information to help you identify potential health concerns. From insect stings to back pain, you can use your health tips to keep you on your feet. And, if you do need more medical attention, you can contact your doctor at Glades Medical Centers to ensure your on the right path to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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