No One Left behind or without !
A key component to our quality healthcare and improved program is our assurance in providing you with access to Glades Medical Centers. That is why at Glades Medical Centers we have a patient transportation program in place to help patients receive the regular checkups and preventive medical care they need.

Here at Glades Medical Centers, we have buses that provide round-trip non-emergency transport to patients to Glades Medical Centers, as well as off-site healthcare providers.

Each bus is outfitted for emergency situations with safety equipment and first aid kits. Our vans offer standing room, so patients do not have to crouch over to enter or exit the transportation vans.

When the driver reaches a patient’s home, they take them from their door to the transportation van, helping them each step of the way. These little extra efforts by Glades Medical Centers ensures a patient that our level of respect, care, security and their good health is at all times on the minds of each Glades Medical Centers staff members.

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