Stem cell therapy involves taking stem cells from one area of the body, and then injecting it into an injured area. Stem cells are in fact living cells that can transform themselves into different types of tissue or functional cell. Therefore, they are able to differentiate into ligaments, tendons, bone, nerve, and cartilage.

Until recently, treatment options for osteoarthritis or joint pain were limited. Steroid injections, joint replacement surgery, and physical therapy were the only treatment options. Stem cell injections are now available and not only are they being considered in relieving pain but also in helping heal the joint.

Stem cell therapy is also useful for helping men with erectile dysfunction in addition to tissue and joint injuries.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Avoid surgery and its many complications and risks
  • Minimal post-procedural recovery time
  • No use of general anesthesia
  • No risk of rejection since the stem cells are your own
  • Pain reduction
  • Increased mobility and function

At Glades Medical Centers, we offer a variety of stem cell therapies: bone marrow, adipose (fat), and placental.

Bone Marrow

Bone marrow has been reported to have excellent outcomes in pain relief and knee osteoarthritis. This non-surgical regenerative treatment is used for numerous orthopedic injuries by obtaining a concentrate of regenerative stem cells from a patient’s bone marrow. Bone marrow therapy comes directly from your own body, harnessing its healing abilities.

Bone marrow aspiration is performed by lying down on your side or abdomen. A medicine may be given to help you relax. A specific needle with a tube is inserted into the bone, creating a suction that will take a sample of your bone marrow. The needle is removed and pressure will be applied to your skin. The bone marrow aspirate is then filtered through a microcentrifuge tube. This will then spin and concentrate the cells containing healing components that are also known as the bone marrow concentrate (BMAC).


Human adipose tissue (fat) are introduced as a new source of effective stem cells. The adipose-tissue derived stem cells are known to be easily harvested through minimally invasive methods.

Like bone marrow, adipose can be used to help in the recovery of tissue or joint injuries. It can also be injected into the erectile tissue of the penis to help men with erectile dysfunction, restoring sexual function.

Adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ADSCs) are separated from fat tissue in your body. This is followed by a separation utilizing centrifugation. The ADSCs are then screened for your safety before reinsertion.


Another stem cell therapy option offered by Glades Medical Centers is placental-derived stem cells. They are donated following the birth of healthy babies. The placenta is typically discarded after birth, but thanks to medical breakthroughs, it has been found that the placental blood is rich in regenerative stem cells. They are collected, sent to labs for analysis in the strictest and safest hygiene conditions regulated by the government, before being used in patients. Only placental blood deemed safe will be used. They are useful in helping patients with tissue pain, joint pain, chronic pain, knee pain, and hip pain.

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