Our Center

At Glades Medical Centers we are proud to offer the very best in healthcare in the Miami area. We accept all major insurances: Medicare, Medicaid, PPO, HMO, Obamacare, and commercial plans.

If you have no insurance, we have special prices available for individuals and families.

At Glades Medical Centers we Offer “Personal Attention and Personal Treatment” to all our patients and believe it  is the solid foundation of our Medical Centers mission and set forth a high standard of care that leads to positive patient-physician relationships and quality medical treatment.

Here at Glades Medical Centers we are known for treating every patient as if he or she were our mom, dad, grandmother, or grandfather and it is these family values that set us apart from others with genuine respect and compassion for all whether your insured or not.

At Glades Medical Centers  we are committed to the improvement of the lives and health of the patients we serve. At Glades Medical Centers, only the most respected physicians treat our patients’ unique or special needs.

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