Fequently asked questions

After reviewing the “FAQ’s” below you still have questions regarding Glades Medical Centers or about services offered, Please feel free to call the Medical Center.

Should I visit Glades Medical Centers or do I need to go to the ER?

Glades Medical Centers can treat most general illnesses and minor injuries. For a complete list of urgent care-appropriate conditions, please see our services page. If you are experiencing a life-threatening illness or injury, please dial 9-1-1 immediately or go to the nearest emergency room.

Is your staff bilingual?

Yes, many of our staff members and Doctors at Glades Medical Centers are multilingual or bilingual. For assistance in another language, please call 305-432-9565

Can I go to Glades Medical Centers if I get injured on the job?

Glades Medical Centers accepts all walk-ins for immediate and general medical care, and offers a variety of Workers Comp and Occupational Medicine programs. To learn more about how partnering with Glades Medical Centers can benefit your organization, please contact our office for additional details.

Where can I offer feedback about my Glades Medical Centers experience?

Glades Medical Centers appreciates your feedback. You are welcome to submit questions, comments, or suggestions for improvement on our contact page.

How long is the average wait time to see a provider at Glades Medical Centers ?

Since appointments are helpful but not necessary since we do accept walk-ins, wait time will depend on the number of patients in the center and who has made an appointment. With Glades Medical Centers innovative and convenient scheduling program, you can choose to wait or make an appointment for a later date which ever you are most comfortable in doing. In most cases the wait is less than 1 hour.

Does Glades Medical Centers offer preventive medicine services (vaccinations, physicals, blood pressure checks, etc.)?

Yes, Glades Medical Centers offers preventive medicine services. We can take care of all of your basic medical needs if you do not have a primary care provider, or if your provider is unavailable. Please visit our services page for a complete list of preventive care offered at our medical centers.

What if I don’t have insurance?

Glades Medical Centers is pleased to offer our Glades Membership Club with a proprietary medical discount program, to help patients who have no insurance, or whose coverage is inadequate. With Glades Membership Club, top-quality diagnosis and treatments are available to all patients every day of the year.

Will Glades Medical Centers accept my insurance?

We accept most major insurance plans and have affordable options available for all patients. Please contact the medical center for a complete list of covered plans,

Who will treat me at Glades Medical Centers ?

Glades Medical Centers staff includes board-certified physicians, physician’s assistants, nurses, x-ray technologists, and other staff who have experience and training in emergency medicine, primary care, internal medicine, occupational medicine, and more.

Do I have to make an appointment to be seen at Glades Medical Centers?

No appointment is necessary and walk-ins are always welcome at Glades Medical Centers. You can come in any time, or choose to make an appointment cutting down on the wait time.

Is Glades Medical Centers more expensive than the ER?

Glades Medical Centers is a reliable, faster, and more cost-effective alternative to visiting the emergency room and is often significantly less expensive than any hospital ER.

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